The Purpose and Power of Identity


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People of all ages, genders, nationalities, educational backgrounds and ethnic groups, are on a search for purpose and significance. You take a while and consider: the increasing number of religions in the world that seek to explain our existence; the multitudes of books on self-help shelves in bookshops; the enormous emphasis in western countries on self actualization; the scientific communitys continual pursuit of the origin of life; the ongoing struggle of third-world peoples to gain freedom and a sense of identity for themselves and their nation.
The Purpose and Power of Identity, will educate, inspire and help you understand:
-Your true and original identity
-Your uniqueness and its wealth
-The limits of your capabilities
-The true meaning and purpose of life
-How to develop the right perspectives and attitude towards life and fellow humans
-How to find promotions in your career, business, and life
-Profound and powerful tools for exploits and victory in all battles
-How to increase your influence, productivity, and income without being a fraudster, an oil or a telecomm magnate
-The path to true and lasing national and organizational greatness
-How to escape satanic theories and manipulations.
Whether you are male or female, young or old, employed or unemployed, a student, business person, uniformed man or woman, clergy, head of state or a seeker of truth, author, teacher and counsellor, Omada King inspires and challenges your heart and mind in your journey towards peace, success, victory, prosperity and wealth, fulfilment and greatness in life.
Now, you can grow in knowledge, insight and perspective. Now is the time to enlarge your heart and mind and take off or be redirected in the right path in the journey to greater effectiveness and an all encompassing change.
Let your world be better by your influence. Be real. Be responsible. Be great. Be a blessing. Be safe.
You will get to treasure this book!


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