Faith in the Land of Make-Believe: What God Can Do…Even In Hollywood


More than a narrative about a young man destined to accomplish the impossible, more than a chronicle of successful Hollywood writer, producer, and director, Lee Stanley’s unparalleled success that changed not only his life but also the lives of millions of others … Faith in the Land of Make-Believe is the gritty memoir of someone who was never taught how to be a man, a husband, or a father, and was scared to death somebody would find out. Now an award-winning filmmaker, author Lee Stanley learned early in life never to show a weakness. With a macho facade, womanizing ways, and hair-trigger rage, Stanley became his own worst enemy—an enemy that only Christ could defeat. Faith in the Land of Make-Believe is the powerful and brutally honest story of a man who learned how to become totally dependent on God. This is a book about passion, determination and a refusal to give up. Most importantly it is about fulfilling your purpose by never backing down, and always standing solely and completely upon the Word of God.

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In modern culture the possibility of human redemption can too often be dismissed as naïve or even contrived. Stanley, award-winning filmmaker and producer, offers not only an example of authentic redemption from his own life but also from the lives of juveniles he has counseled in prison for years. The author’s checkered past allows him to relate to the young people with whom he works, both as a confidant and a film director. The Gridiron Gang, his documentary about juvenile offenders playing competitive football, showcases the potential of a group of young convicts that many would like to ignore and forget. Hopefulness reigns in this memoir, as Stanley weaves the gritty account of his life and his conversion story with the lives of the young prisoners he encounters, illustrating the power of faith in God and in humanity. Anyone searching for an uplifting example of the transformative power of hope in humanity will find consolation in this story.


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