Keys for Leadership: Dr. Myles Munroe


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Every human being was created to lead in an area of gifting. This means the Creator designed you to fulfill a specific purpose and assignment in life, and your assignment determines your area of leadership. The ability to fulfill this assignment, however, begins with developing a leadership mind-set.

When you think according to the spirit of leadership, you begin the process of becoming a leader. Some of the unique attitudes or qualities of leaders include passion, initiative, teamwork, innovation, persistence, discipline, time management, confidence, positive disposition, patience, peace, and compassion.

When the spirit of leadership comes alive within someone, it produces an attitude that transforms that person from a follower into a leader. It also takes those who are in leadership positions into a realm of leadership they never before have experienced. Meditate on the following Keys for Leadership and develop a spirit of leadership as you move forward in fulfilling your special, God-given assignment on earth.


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